Stefania Galegati

For GAP Stefania Galegati conceived the “Pagliarelli University. The school of learnings” project realized with inmates and PhD students from Palermo in the Pagliarelli Detention Institute.

Matilde Cassani

For GAP Matilde Cassani works with a group of inmates and PhD students for the project “Operazione grigi cortili”, that will take place inside the Ucciardone Prison in Palermo.

Giovanna Silva

For GAP she realizes a photographic work of Palermo's prison architectures that will be part of the GAP’s editorial project published by Humboldt Books. Giovanna Silva during the Second ISW will brings PhD students for an architectural-photographic walking in Palermo.

Elisa Giardina Papa

For GAP Elisa Giardina Papa conceived the project “U Scantu. A disorderly Tales”, which is currently in show at the 59. International Biennial of Venice. The artist will realize a workshop at the Malaspina prison, scheduled in October 2022

Chiara Agnello

For GAP Chiara Agnello will shot a film documentary on the GAP project following the artists' works during the meetings in the penitentiary institutions. The film is promoted by SKY Arte.

David Mesguich

David Mesguich, street artist, realises an ephemeral sculpture for GAP inside a Florentine prison with the collaboration of PhD students and inmates.

Nicolò Degiorgis

The photographer Nicolò Degiorgis will inaugurate in Florence a solo exhibition as the result of an artistic project born and developed during his work in the Penitential Institute in Bolzano.