On Wednesday 2 August, at the Steri Monumental Complex, the results of the GAP project were presented through various forms of dissemination.

One took place privately, in which the inmates of the Malaspina prison in Palermo delivered the t-shirts inspired by one of the workshop, carried out at their penal institution to the representatives of the University of Palermo. Starting from 6.00 pm in the Sala Magna there were public speeches by representatives of the universities, penitentiary institutions and doctoral students who participated in the project and who spoke not only about what had been achieved, but also about implications and expectations.

The results achieved and the implications of the GAP project were presented to the public in its scientific, artistic and social aspects, in the proposal of a new way of rethinking university teaching, based on alternative forms of knowledge and study, through the involvement of complex social realities with the aim of encouraging participation and new inclusive dynamics.

Among the interventions was the presentation of the evocative concert/event “Surviving Troubled Waters: From Prison to Freedom Through Music”, carried out in collaboration with the Yale Divinity School and the Wesleyan University – USA, which took place the same evening and which saw the participation of two African American ex-prisoners who recited and sang about their experiences and artistic redemption. The GAP project also envisaged the definition of a traveling exhibition through which the “story”, with different media, will be carried out on the theme of: art in prison, action and the third mission of the Universities, as experienced by the project itself.