II intensive week (16-20.05.2022 Palermo)

Caesura, censorship, imagination: artists, historians, architects, anthropologists in dialogue

The second Intensive Study Week will involve artists, performers, architects, photographers, pedagogists, anthropologists, writers, historians and art historians on topics including contemporary art and new languages, politics, and participation. This week's program puts students and inmates in dialogue with various actors of different cultures around the controversial and complex relationship between censorship, imagination, and free expression. Censorship will be treated from a comparative perspective, starting with the historical Inquisition and continuing until today's condition of coercion, monitoring control and lack of freedom. Today – in the contemporary social and political context – censorship is a result of an extremely intrusive surveillance system, the so-called 'surveillance capitalism'. The wide use of controlling devices in public and private space reveals the ubiquity of surveillance in our daily lives through invasive structures, such as artificial intelligence (AI) software and machine learning tools that study consumers' behavior. Exploring the reciprocal nature of the subjects treated, scholars and students will play a central role in a participatory process, taking part in an experimental creative activity through art practice, criticism and an interdisciplinary project approach.


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