IV intensive week (24-29 October 2022 Palermo)

IV intensive week (October 2022 Palermo)
From sign to symbol: new educational approaches for inmates

The fourth week will focus on the artistic phenomenon of prison graffiti in a diachronic perspective,
from the past to the present, bringing into reformatories artistic programs for inmates. The challenge will be to combine ancient evidence and current needs of prisoners, through practical art sessions creating a story about spaces of detention, both from a realistic and utopian perspective.
The invited artists will offer workshops where the prisoners themselves closely interact and influence the results. This will change the environment in which they live and introduce them to new communication channels through art. Participants will be invited to look at this contentious topic in a new critical light and will actively participate in a series of conversations, seminars,
workshops, round-tables, meetings, video projections that will be realized in collaboration with the prisoners involved in the project.

press release
press release - Public Event (25 October)