Beyond GAP

The GAP Project has been presented within many initiatives. Below are the most significant:

  • the presentation of the “Carceri dell’inquisizione” app, 12 July 2021,
  • the study week “La función social del Patrimonio Cultural: uses, projects, models and potentialities”, 23 July 2021, Jaca-Spain
  • GRAFFITI ART magazine (n. 72, September 2003, p. 46)
  • the “Thursday of ICOM (International Council of Museums) Italy | The contribution of public history to contemporary museum discourse”, 19 October 2023, presentation by Laura Barreca, GAP Artistic Coordinator
  • The international conference “Agonism: Conflitting Interpretations of the Past, Participation Practices, and Transforming Cultural Venues”, University of Luxembourg, 7-8 December 2023, presentation by Gabriella Cianciolo Cosentino, Scientific Coordinator of GAP
  • “The language of art and the role of the wall: the experience of GAP in Sollicciano”, article by Gabriella Cianciolo Cosentino, Scientific Coordinator edited by Francesca Giofrè on Reflections and projects around Penal Institutions for Minors
  • “Historias sur muros: grafitos, grafitis, espacios de reclusión y espacio público”, Artigrama, magazine of the Departamento de Historia del Arte de la Universidad de Zaragoza, 2023, number 37

Furthermore, a video on the GAP project was filmed in Palermo in 2022, and is now on demand on the Sky Arte Report channel