The results of the GAP project were presented in Florence on March 29, 2023, at MAD – Murate Art District.

The MAD Contemporary Art Center was chosen precisely for its connection with the theme of the GAP project, as the Murate complex was used as a city prison until the 1970s. Starting from 6pm, citizens were invited to attend the presentation of the project, the practices implemented and the results. On this occasion, a preview of the documentary film directed by Chiara Agnello was shown. This output of the GAP project had also the aim of re-proposing the ideation process and the main phases of the project.

Also during the same evening, the exhibition by the artist and publisher Nicolò Degiorgis entitled “102 Metri” was inaugurated. The artist, at the invitation of GAP Project, exhibited for the first time the photographic material published in the book Prison Museum (Ed. Rorhof), finding the perfect context for a site-specific installation in the
Murate spaces in Florence. Photography has become an instrument of investigation between the two institutions (the museum and the prison) and the communities that inhabit them. The exhibition, visible until 30 April 2023, had set itself the ambitious task of bearing witness to the current prison situation and stimulating reflection on the vital limits
of detention. Reflection which during the opening evening involved the public present and all the subjects involved in the GAP project.