Art in Prison
collective traveling exhibition of the GAP project
Palermo, Cologne and Zaragoza

The traveling exhibition ART IN PRISON is the result of an extraordinary and innovative experience involving artists, prisoners and doctoral students from different parts of the world.
The GAP project has created a unique bridge between the context of higher education institutes, the penitentiary system and contemporary languages, offering inclusive perspectives and approaches thanks to the transformative power of art. This exhibition comes from the collaboration between the academic, penitentiary and artistic worlds and represents an opportunity to explore the role that art can play in the prison context. Each work of art investigates specific themes developed in the theoretical context of the
project, such as creativity and imagination, the concept of surveillance, relational dynamics, new disciplinary approaches. Among the objectives: to show the work of the GAP Graffiti Art In Prison project to the citizens and visitors.
On display drawings, photographs, videos, films, digital graphics and installations. 12 artists involved:
Massimo Bartolini, Julia Born, Matilde Cassani, Paolo Cirio, Martha Cooper, Nicolò Degiorgis, Claire Fontaine, Stefania Galegati, Elisa Giardina Papa, David Mesguisch, Giovanna Silva, Luca Trevisani. In addition, the documentary film by Chiara Agnello will be screened, and the exhibition will also include a drawing created in the women’s section of the Pagliarelli prison – Palermo, the street-wear prototypes created at the IPM Malaspina – Palermo, a project of a former inmate of the Sollicciano prison – Florence.
At the end of the exhibition period in Palermo, the exhibition will be hosted at the University of Cologne and at the University of Zaragoza.